New Mother’s Food List


It is not easy to take care of a newborn baby, especially if you are a new mother. Child care is the most important question of a new mother. As a newborn baby nursing and new mother, you do not care less about yourself.

The mother’s milk is the only food until the baby is eating anything else. With the growth of the baby, the demand for breast milk increases. As a result, many mothers are often afraid that their milk is not enough for the child and they are looking for ways to increase breast milk to meet their baby’s needs.

The following foods are important in the new mother’s diet list-


Oatmeal breasts are a good source for making and growing milk. It has a lot of fiber, which really works well for the cook system. Moreover, otmel is good for controlling mother’s diabetes after birth.


The carrot juice works like a magic to bring milk to the chest. The carrot has a lot of beta carotene, which helps to bring milk on the new mother’s chest. It also contains carbohydrate and potassium, which will help you to reduce excess weight after pregnancy.


Nuts are the most healthy food. It has lots of nutrients, so you can easily get what you want. You can eat cassiots, kotashadam, pistachadam or walnat after having a baby.


Raw papaya helps you to naturally relax. The raw papaya contains plenty of galactuego which helps to bring Mercury to the chest. You can eat it as a salad.


Gira does not only increase breast milk but also helps to reduce the gas. In the morning, one spoon will be eaten in the stomach with the water in the water. There are many advantages in this.


To increase breast milk, eating fencia for a long time. Omega-3 fatty in fenugreek is very helpful in the development of the baby’s brain. Many people eat empty empty empty. You can mix it again in salad.


Garlic does not only bring different flavors to the food, it helps to increase breast milk. Playing garlic every day increases the prevention of disease and prevent heart disease.


Pulses for new mothers are very beneficial because they contain plenty of minerals, vitamins and proteins. After having a baby, put prunes in your food list.

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