If you want to go to the United States, do not do social media


The present time is the era of information technology. You share a similar copy of your personal life in daily social media. And for the sake of the security of our country, some big countries will take advantage of it. It is normal.

There are many people who want to travel to the United States. But this is not a simple process. You will need to enter the United States with many experiments. To travel to this country, compulsory social media must be given detailed information.

The US Department of State has recently been informed that the name, email address and phone number of all social media accounts used in the last 5 years should be filled in regard to nation and nation regardless of the visa application form. To be used on Facebook, Flickr, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In and YouTube accounts. These information will be given to tourists, businessmen, job seekers and students. The US government will also seek out information about those social media accounts. So if there is a plan to go to the United States in the near future then there will be more awareness in using social media. Especially due to the use of Facebook and Twitter, additional warnings have to be followed. Here’s how it will be easier to get a visa if you follow the warning on social media.

Political posts

No post about US politics. You must also refrain from sharing or retweeting Mim with Trump. Their policy can not be criticized. The United States will have a hundred ‘hands away’ from the opposition post.

Avoid violence

Posting a post by supporting violence or publishing hatred on Facebook or Twitter for a particular nation, the prospect of getting a visa will be over.

Pictures of narcotics

Posting pictures of drugs or cigarettes, the US will take the degree of the desired university or the job of going to work in the country.

Keep the will to be permanent

The US government is interested in taking students, but they are not willing to stay permanently. Immigration officials prefer to listen to a student who will go to the end of reading. So before becoming a US citizen, it is better to not let the matter go on Facebook and Twitter.

Post something angry

If someone is mad at you, then anger is normal. But being stupid to tell everyone why you’re angry is stupid. The immigration authorities of the United States will not understand this. Therefore, you have to abstain from posting someone in the head with anger. Always remember, a decent man just wants to invite himself to the country, the US government

More privacy suspicious

If you do the work that is forbidden in the above mentioned topics and if you delete the post, then the trouble is over, then you are mistaken. Deleting a post or making an account private will increase their doubts. They take hold of it, have done bad things, so you want to keep everything secret.

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