Follow these 5 rules to get bright and dense hair


Healthy and beautiful hair is needed to enhance the beauty of both men and women. So it is very important to take proper care of the hair. Since the nature of each individual hair is different. So according to the nature of the hair, take care of him. Regardless of the hair type, it is possible to keep hair health and beauty for a long time if you can follow 5 things. Let’s find out more about hair care-

Do not comb the wet hair

Wet hair should never be sprayed. It is better to use big teeth comb for hair removal. It is less likely to tear hair. It is best to use a wooden comb to comb your hair. Give hair a cold conditioning treatment at least once a week. Do not use hard chemicals to enhance hair care and beauty.

Massage the hair with warm oil

Massage hair at the top of the hair with at least three times a week. This method is very effective to maintain hairstyle! You can use Amand Oil or General Coconut Oil for massage. Massage hair properly with finger tips. Wash with shampoo for at least 1 hour.

Do not use dryers

Dryer is not good for dry hair drying. This causes hair to become rough. Moreover, hairstyles can become dry even more.

Stay stress free

Fatigue, fatigue hair color, or harm to its health. So you can apply techniques such as meditation, music therapy etc. to remain stress free.

Nutritious food intake

Nutritional food is very important for healthy hair. Fruit juice and green vegetables are very beneficial for hair. You can eat milk and talk yogurt for healthy, dense, shiny hair. Coconut is also very beneficial to make the hair healthy.

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